Our Story

Idaho Jasper Coffee is the inevitable culmination of the passionate pursuit of the perfect bean paired expertly with the most flavorful of roasts.

While still in high school, Trent Bielaszka began an apprenticeship or two at local coffee shops, quickly becoming skilled in the art of roasting as well as the creation of delicious coffee drinks.

Following graduation, with the help of his coffee-loving folks, Trent and his partner Marlowe McBride procured a small roaster and started roasting coffee out his parent’s garage.

Idaho Jasper Coffee is the realization of the pair’s love of beans and brewing!

Trent Bielaszka and Marlowe McBride standing next to the coffee cart

Meet the Team

Trent Bielaszka

Roaster and CEO

After a short but productive apprenticeship with a small, one-man-band coffee roaster, Trent landed a roasting gig at one of Boise's largest coffee companies.

Following a bit of industry consolidation and the area coffee company’s acquisition, Trent and Marlowe began planning what has become Idaho Jasper Coffee.


Marlowe McBride


While growing up, there was not a day that passed in Marlowe’s house when the smell of rich coffee failed to greet the morning’s sunrise.

Marlowe and Trent’s partnership has grown to include a shared love of coffee and the countless possibilities the roasted bean offers.

Marlowe’s keen organizational skills, as well as her devotion to drinking coffee, is a natural complement to Trent’s passion for roasting.

Next Steps...

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